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Widening Participation

I teach at Cardiff University's Centre for Continuing and Professional Education which provides community education and pathways to undergraduate degrees. I support students who are returning to education after a prolonged break and teach Level 4 modules designed to support their learning into undergraduate degrees. 

Traditional Library
Research Methods

Next Enrolment: September 2022 

This exciting and challenging module introduces students to some of the key concepts in the design of social science research. By the end of the module, students are able to read and understand social science research, which is incredibly useful for a wide range of career options or for just being a well-informed, intelligent citizen. This module aims to teach students how to decide for themselves how useful and reliable a piece of research is so that they can form their own opinions about all kinds of information.

Colorful Books
Education and Society

The emphasis of the module is be on developing an understanding of the relationship between education and society.

The social determinants of educational attainment, such as class, gender and ethnicity are discussed in relation to discourses of inequality and the role of social policy.

The course also explores barriers to educational attainment and examine education in terms of engagement and disengagement; and differential outcomes.

Throughout the course you will consider who benefits from the education system both in a historical context and in contemporary Wales.

French Books
Undergraduate Teaching

I also teach undergraduate modules at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media, and Culture. Modules taught include: 

  • Media and Democracy 

  • Media Scholarship 

  • Marketing,Branding and Promotional Cultures in Television

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