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JOMEC Journal

I am an Editor of the JOMEC Journal, an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal run from Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Culture, and published via Cardiff University Press. As part of my role as an Editor of the JOMEC Journal, I have attended training sessions with CUP and Ubiquity Press in publication systems and supporting authors through the publication process. I am currently supporting Dr Alida Payson to publish a special issue entitled: Second-hand Culture in Unsettled Times, which focusses on the social, economic, and cultural practices of second-hand goods. The issue is due for publication in Autumn 2022. 

Previous editions of the JOMEC Journal are available through the website

Further training and development

Not Equal Summer School - I applied for and was accepted on this select summer school organised by the UKRI- funded NetworkPlus, which examined the interactions of technology, design, and social justice

Department for Culture, Media, and Sport - I undertook a three-month internship with Building Digital UK, in which I was commissioned to undertake an independent piece of research into the consequences of poor broadband connectivity for rural farmers. The research was conducted in Summer 2021 and subsequently used in a business case for a new research lab within the department that specifically used qualitative research to investigate digital inequality. The results of this research are due to be published by Building Digital UK soon. They were the subject of a research paper written by myself and Dr. Marion Lean, published by the Design Research Society in Summer 2022, and are due to be presented at Political Studies Association Annual Conference in April 2023. 

Cardiff University Doctoral Training Academy - I have also attended a number of training sessions provided by the Doctoral Academy as part of my PhD studentship, including topics such as Project Management, Teaching Diverse Learners, and Discovering Statistics using R. 

Outreach Activities

  • I am a member of the Welsh Government Cross Party Group Digital Rights and Democracy where I engage with Senedd Members and public sector advocates to talk about the interactions of digitisation and democracy, and make suggestions for policy direction. As part of this, I am part of the Open Source Network which advocates for open source technology to be embedded in Welsh public life

  • I applied for, and was accepted onto the Equal Power Equal Voice mentorship programme, organised in collaboration with Stonewall Cymru, the Women’s Equality Network, Disability Wales and Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team. My project will provide the opportunity for older members of the LGBT+ community to talk about the impact that being brought up under Section 28 has had on their lives. The project is due to be launched in Summer 2023

  • Challenging Tech: I organised, in collaboration with Prospect Union, a one-day conference that brought together presentations and workshops from both academic researchers and trade union activists to examine ways in which citizens can conceptualise and engage in resistance of oppressive surveillance practices

  • ESRC Festival of Social Science: I bid for and was awarded a space in the 2020 festival to hold a collaborative workshop with Prospect Union called: Teching 9 to 5. The workshop was attended by academics and activists to discuss some of the key issues surrounding workplace surveillance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Selected Publications

Conference Papers

  • Lean, M. and Hopkins, C. (2022) Exploring contexts for data materialisation in post-pandemic research activities with rural communities. Design Research Society Conference (June, 2022)

  • Hopkins, C. (2022) Democracy in a Digitised Space. British Universities Industrial Relations Association conference

  • Hopkins, C. (2022) Solidarity Under Scrutiny: Collective Action in a Digitised Workplace. Surveillance Studies Network (June 2022)

  • Hopkins, C. (2021) Solidarity Under Scrutiny: Collective Action in a Digitised Workplace. Work, Employment, and Society: Connectedness, Activism and Dignity at Work in a Precarious Era. British Sociological Association

  • Hopkins, C. (2021) Democracy in a Digitised Space. The Past, Present, and Future of Industrial Relations at Work. British Universities Industrial Relations Associations.

  • Hopkins, C. (2021) Solidarity Under Scrutiny: Collective Action in a Digitised Workplace. Civic Participation in the Datafied Society. Data Justice Lab.

  • Azer, E., Masiero, S., Elswah, M. and Hopkins, C. (2020) Oppression versus Liberation through Digitisation. European Conference on Information Systems

Invited Talks
  • European Trade Union Institute: I was invited to present a workshop to an international group of trade union organisers on current issues and debates related to workplace surveillance

  • The German Institute for Protest and Social Movement Research ‘Politics from Below’ series: I was invited to present my Master’s research on the interactions of trade union activists with social media platforms

  • Cyber Law and Security Podcast: I was invited to take part in an episode that examined the problems of surveillance and political activism with colleagues from the Hilary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea University

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