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I have worked on a number of freelance projects and am often available for short-term projects and consultancy work. I am particularly interested in investigating the impact digital technology has on society using qualitative research methods. I specialise in ethnographic and participatory methods, and documentary analysis, but have training in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods. Details of some previous projects are provided. For more information, please use the form below to contact me. 

Algorithm Watch

I was part of an international team of researchers working on the Mapping AI: Labour Organisations in AI Regulation project. My duties included developing and implementing a qualitative content analysis of trade union publications addressing problems related to digitisation in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland. My findings are being included in a global report that is due for publication this year


Wales Centre for Public Policy (Research Analyst, Our Future Wales Consultation)

I was responsible for developing and February 2021 implementing a qualitative analysis of responses to the Our Future

Wales consultation, commissioned by Welsh Government and organised by the Wales Centre for Public Policy. The results are

being used to inform future policy direction in Welsh Government’s COVID recovery plan


Wales Centre for Public Policy (Researcher, TROPICO Project)

I was engaged to conduct a series of interviews as part of this wider project that looked at digitisation in the public sector. As part of this, I conducted interviews with public officials working in Scotland. I was also responsible for delivering a report into the Bristol Smart City initiative, based on a document analysis that I had undertaken

Let's Work Together

If you would like to contact me about a project, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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